Today, Give Yourself Permission to Be Surprised

Today, Give Yourself Permission to Be Surprised

May, a perfect month.

When the air becomes warm and enveloping and the sunsets get painted with colors of fire, the time for warm breakfasts in the terrace is coming. Since the early morning the first sunbeams are enough to make you close your eyes and to smell that unique fragrance from everywhere on the earth that tastes like saltiness. The synonym of freedom and sweetness.

So, here our journey begins.

We are in the province of Brindisi, precisely in Savelletri of Fasano, our destination is an elegant 5 stars resort Masseria Torre Coccaro. When the sun is going down, the surrounding of olive, almond and carob trees, the sounds of singing cicadas, serve as a picture frame for simple and refined pleasures of a rural life.

Only one rule: slow down.

Take your time. Get away from chaos and discover  the beauty hidden behind the things that seem so ordinary: a settled table, for example. 

A flower in the middle, a Bijou white embroidered linen tablecloth, stone washed cutlery, plates in stoneware and porcelain of Limoges are enough to paint the extraordinary moment of a very special breakfast, lunch or dinner.

That is when our dimension is no more defined by a place, a space and neither by a time. It is enough a cup of warm coffee in your hands, to rest your arms on a soft linen drape, to embrace sinuous objects made from the tastefully  researched materials, to close your eyes and to be transported by magic to the fairy apulian landscapes, so rich of warmth, fragrances and refined colors.

Today, give yourself permission to be surprised.