EPIPHANY | SOCIETY is the ideal place where you can find inspiration to create the home of your dreams, the home you love and that talks about you.

EPIPHANY | SOCIETY is the combination of a brand, that of Society Limonta, and an epiphany, ours, a wish to provide our customers a dream, their dream: to create a home they always wanted, a home to love.

The home is what mostly represents us, it's the place we go to shelter when we need to feel safe and to regenerate. It is the place where we live strong emotions with our partner and with our family. It is the place where a great part of our lives take shape.

For us the home is a sacred place to be constantly cared for and beautified because it is the same beauty and care that will surround us and will embrace us every day of our lives.

EPIPHANY | SOCIETY was born more than ten years ago with this vision. With the ambition and the will to select for our customers the best products and services that can make homes unique and precious, transforming it into a place where we can fulfill our dreams.We have chosen for you the best household linen signed Society Limonta, a completely Italian brand in both production and style. Society Limonta products are made of quality, of constant innovation in fabric research and development, of variety in the choice of colors, textures and materials, of style and ease of use its distinctive elements.

All the elements that made us realize that this was the best choice available on the market for our customers who desire only the best for themselves, their family and their home. And this choice has rewarded us.

EPIPHANY | SOCIETY, the only Society Limonta flagship store in Southern Italy, is right in the heart of the city of Lecce, inside an historical building, dramatically located between the Duomo and the Roman Theatre.

Entering Society’s world means no longer be able to do without it, it creates a strong addiction thanks to the unique feelings and emotions that our fabrics are able to convey. Some of our customers have defined them "a second skin" that cuddles them and caresses them while they sleep in our sheets or when they wrap in our bathrobes after a pleasant relaxing bath.This is our mission: to provide our customers extraordinary emotions. But this is not enough, as Italians we could not miss a great attention to the style and therefore to the interior design elements that could make our homes unique, exclusive and able to transform quickly for any occasion, similar to when we dress (a different dress depending on the occasion and why not, even on the mood).

The motto "we dress the house as we dress ourselves" was one of the mantras that led Society Limonta to create a wide range of colors, materials, weaves, consistence and texture. This makes each item a real piece of interior design that can furnish and completely renovate an entire home environment and give it a unique and exclusive touch.The quality and innovation of the fabrics, instead, is inspired by a constant research of balance between modernity and tradition, looking for new materials and the desire to create valuable items that can last and become more and more beautiful over time. With an eye on practicality because, as is well known, the purpose of every beautiful thing is to be useful as well.