Life Here Begins Well

Life Here Begins Well

Temporary oases.

The daily landscape is dotted with it.

Far away places. Far from the pressures.
Ideal places. Ideal for breathing and perceiving a richness of life.

Like the kids having fun inventing a tent under a blanket stretched between two chairs, we all need to build our own shelter from time to time.

A frame within which we feel enclosed and reassured. 

When we reach our shelter, we feel supported and embraced. It is open and at the same time repaired allowing us to relax and stop for a long time. Here dreams, thoughts, conversations can finally take place in peace. We found ourselves in a place where only wonderful things can happen. 

Bed is the perfect shelter when life gets complicated.  

It is the place where everything is transformed, among mingling of caresses, soft expectations, a union of delicate flourished cotton voile fabrics and light linen pillowcases. It is the place where protection and intimacy is created in the arms of soft blue sky blankets and the delicate charm of a cotton handbag thrown into a chair. 

Life here begins well. 

Encircled, protected, in the warm womb of your perfect shelter.