Sensory Cocoon: How to Take Care of Yourself Every Day

Sensory Cocoon: How to Take Care of Yourself Every Day

A day of ordinary happiness.

"Easy to say",  you usually think in these cases, when time runs fast, infinite commitments to meet and little time for yourself.

A little at a time you end up feeling tired, unhappy, uncomfortable from the early hours of the morning when from the bed, still sleepy, you cross the house and glance into the bathroom.

“The mirror reflects perfectly; it makes no mistakes because it doesn't think. To think is to make mistakes.”
P. Coelho.

"Easy to say”, you will think again, and I'll tell you "just as well to do" if you follow the right advice. All you have to do is literally immerse yourself in happiness from the moment you wake up.


Here you are three simple tips:

  1. Why have a home (and a lifetime) flat, when you can make it precious with colors and materials that immediately give brilliance and movement?
    There is no need to paint the walls, it’s enough to employ natural light, use a lot of white as a background and embellish each room with fabrics and colors that can bring joy and brightness ... Why not, changing every day a few small accessories, thus to feel always different.
  2. Learn to love order, it has an intrinsically calming power. 
    Let go of all the superfluous objects that belong to the past and give you no more positive emotions, by wiping out bad energy from the rooms of your home and even from your life. There is only a keyword: get rid of it!
  3. Make your home give you a warm hug each day. 
    Touch is a sense which instantly ignites exquisite psychological triggers. And nowhere is this more important than in the intimate spaces of our homes, where we should feel safe to be at our most vulnerable and unguarded. Use textured fabrics that bring a cosseting feel to your home. Consider the joy that could flood through your body on stepping out of the shower to be greeted by soft and fresh fabric, able to have a therapeutic and healing value. You can choose ecological and breathable fabrics with floral themes such as linen DRAI NEW bath towel, that gives a touch of freshness to your bathroom in the brightest season, or a light and practical LIPE bathrobe, its waffle weave, together with the linen fiber makes this robe extremely absorbent, easy to dry and hard-wearing, ideal for summer season.

And when you walk out through your doorstep, thus to feel good and make an ordinary day definitely more special, bring with you a large bag - maybe a DRAI HANG canvas cotton bag - to pick up the essentials and continue your SENSORY COCOON even outside, far away from your most intimate space.

Dive deep in your happiness.