A Happy Awakening by King & Queen

A Happy Awakening by King & Queen

The truth is that the rituals are defining our identity.

Passion is the secret to find something precious, even in the simplest and everyday actions.

Knowing how to amaze and welcome in your kingdom every morning the person you love is a ritual. Here are some precious and simple tips to apply straightaway:

  • open wide the windows to create an even brighter and airy kitchen;
  • make media fasting and create a carefree and lovely atmosphere by simply setting up in “on mode” a sweet melody background;
  • inebriate space with lush aromatic essences of delicate scent

And finally:

  • et inspired by the colors of the sea and the blazing rays of the sun to set up a mise en place with the taste and sophistication that only a Queen has to welcome her beloved King.

To conquer him are the delicate colors of a rich collection of objects, ideal for setting up the awakening of her beloved.

A refined and simple object, with a natural look, is the BON tablecloth, made in a heavy linen but very soft and flexible at the same time: Ideal for an everyday table as for important lunches or dinners. BON tablecloth transforms itself according to the combinations and overlays. And to make it even more comfortable to good food and sincere words, the ideal is to match it with printed NAP ramie napkins.

For those who love simplicity, the delicious banquet is dressed in heavy linen canvas placemats with fringed borders: MAYA, a ductile placemat, very soft but with a strong tactile feel, perfect for an informal but elegant table. It can be set directly on the table, or overlaid on a tablecloth, in nuance or with contrasting colors.

Finally, amaze with a refined touch by choosing the BON Runner as a centerpiece: a long and narrow tablecloth in a consistent froissé linen. It can be matched with any other piece of the collection, to create a rich and sophisticated banquet for a more comfortable and brighter kitchen.

Because every queen knows that everyday rituals are creating a simple lifestyle. The care and sophistication of the objects make the home more humane and welcoming, creating an atmosphere of wellness and spontaneous love. 

So this is how our days take shape: starting with a happy awakening of a king and a queen.