Is There a Place For You?

Is There a Place For You?

"The way we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives"

Annie Dillard  

Every day we can carry out actions that provide wellness: walking barefoot in the house, lowering the roller shutters in the evening, having a bath after a long day of work. Or still, finding yourself at dawn in the silent kitchen, filling the coffee maker with water and adding coffee, choosing the favorite cup, and waiting to feel for the gurgling and the aroma. 

It’s like knowing always how to create a place for yourself

A place that is spelled by small habits that shape our days. 

It manifests itself every time we pay attention to the needs of our spirit towards a lifestyle that makes a toast to simple pleasures. 

Every occasion is perfect, even on any day: arranging an escape in a pristine green corner somewhere in a city, taking off your shoes, letting yourself to be absorbed by the coming summer heat, choosing carefully the items that will keep you company, putting the tablecloth on the ground and indulging in a picnic. 

There is a place for you.
It is the place where you feel joy belongs to yourself, wherever you are. 

This month flee with us and find your enchanted place.

 We look forward to seeing your special place!