Whispers of Winter Tables

Whispers of Winter Tables

Chapter of Elegance: Whispers of Winter Tables 

In the hushed beauty of winter, our table becomes a living tapestry of tales, each detail a character in the unfolding novel of refinement and enchantment. 

A Masterpiece Unveiled: The SCRIBBLE Tablecloth

In a spectrum of Antracite, Crab, Cacao, Fumo, and burnt red, the SCRIBBLE tablecloth emerges—a canvas painted with an impulsive doodle from Limonta's historic archives. Abaca, a fabric both uncommon and extraordinary, bestows upon it a resilient lightness, a delicate transparency. This winter centerpiece weaves a dramatic narrative, setting the stage for moments that linger in the heart, where every glance becomes a stanza. 

The Artisan's Symphony: Onda and Buto 

Enter Onda and Buto, two lines of Limoges porcelain plates, each with contours as pure as the tales spun on winter nights. In warm sand, creamy white, and smoky grey tones, these handmade plates become characters in a story of craftsmanship. With each touch, they share an essential, natural, and sophisticated tale, creating an ode to timeless elegance on your table.  Design by Beatrice Rossetti Studio


ETTA: Woodwork Poetry on Your Table

And then there's ETTA, a napkin ring that transcends the ordinary. Crafted from oak or walnut wood, it narrates a story of woodworking and textile artistry. Just as yarns meet the shuttle, so do your napkins encounter ETTA—practical cutlery rests that weave a symphony of artistry into the fabric of your gatherings. Design by Dario Antoniali

Imagine a scene: A delicate hand lifts the ETTA Napkin Rings, each one a chapter, adding an artful touch to the tale we're penning. 

Let this tableau of elegance and craftsmanship be the setting for your gatherings—a place where connections are made, celebrations unfold, and shared stories become timeless classics. Each piece, a character, invites you to elevate your dining experience and be a part of this engaging novel. 

Join us as we craft chapters of elegance, sophistication, and artistry—where every detail is a plot twist, and every table setting, a new adventure. 

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